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Galuik Kumango (Kaum Collective, 2023)

This short documentary captured the process, from the preparation stage to the performance date itself, of Kaum Collective’s production of Galuik Kumango, as part of Lintas Nusantara XI 2022. This film highlighted the plight of artists who are preserving traditional arts in Singapore.

Kehilangan Tak Diterima (NAFA Special Projects Unit, 2023)

This work is part of Catalysis, a NAFA Talent Development Programme showcase by NAFA Special Projects Unit. Kehilangan Tak Diterima (Unaccepted Loss) is comprised of three parts, the installation, film, and accompanying poems.

Encompassing themes that range from romantic love, the minority experience, to suicide and death, this was a multi-disciplinary contemporary artistic work that threads on the line of harrowing taboo thematic issues.

In the art installation portion, the representation of the imminent after life comes about, the preparation towards death - the only promise of life. These words are much like clay, in the purest form of human elements. The kain batik cloaks and comforts the soul before returning back into its original form. From dust, to dust.


The film features the spoken word performance of the original poems written, where the words were brought to life and breathed new meaning. It consists of 3 acts, where it explores themes of loss and longing, acceptance of identity, as well as the minority experience.

Poems can be found here.

Arts Exhibition Showcase at NAFA Campus 1, along Bencoolen Street.

Rambut Sama Hitam (Fairuz Jaafar & co. ,  2021)

RAMBUT SAMA HITAM is a collection of poems written by 10 Malay Singaporeans with varying backgrounds. A collaborative project, this book published by Wardah Books is arranged in three parts: poems written wholly in Malay, poems written in Malay then translated to English, and the rest were written completely in English. Readers are able to experience how the differences in language impact the expression of issues near and dear to the author and the Malay community.

Ikat Mati (NAFA Solo Flight Assessment, 2021)

Ikat Mati (Dead Knot), an original solo performance piece and social commentary on capital punishment, death by hanging. The execution is usually carried out by long drop hanging —a legal penalty for murder, kidnapping, and drug trafficking.

Amirul Abdullah plays Osman, a death row prisoner awaiting his execution. A loving husband to Rosnah, he pours his heart out one last time to her, in hopes that she will listen.


Written, Produced and Performed by Amirul Abdullah,

Mentored and Facilitated by Andrew Mowatt, Programme Leader for NAFA Theatre Department.

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